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introducing our wonderful teachers


"I am a 200 hr certified yoga teacher, who runs regular classes, from her base, in Elie, and in St. Andrews. I have traveled widely and have practiced yoga in Sydney, Cape Town, Spain and India. My attitude to yoga is that it is for everyone. It is not about being good, or bad, it is about focusing on the breath. This focus can reduce anxiety, bring mental clarity, bring inner calm and peace and make one more able to express oneself and well as open-up creativity and improve physical well-being."

Yin Yang & Flow Yoga



Meet Ari, who teaches an upbeat vinyasa flow on Tuesday mornings! Ari is a third year from North Carolina, studying SD and economics. She completed her 200-hour training in power vinyasa.  Her favourite pose is a headstand and favourite place to practice is on the beach! Ari says “My class consists of a powerful flow with fun music, come check it out soon!! 🤩🧘‍♀️🌷🌈”

Power and Vinyasa



Hi all! My name is Emma Van Peenen and I'm a second year from Tucson, AZ. I recently completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Amorgos, Greece, and am so excited to share my passion with others. I am looking forward to meeting fellow yogis, and can't wait to see everyone on the mat.

Vinyasa, Power and Hatha



Emily Goggin has been practising yoga for the past 6 years and got certified as a teacher during Summer 2020. Yoga helped her immensely in a journey to improve her mental and physical being so she would like to give back by leading others in classes that will help them feel rejuvenated, refreshed, powerful, and confident.

Power, Vinyasa, and Yoga Sculpt



"Hi! I am Gowri. I am a fourth year, studying Economics and Management. I have been practicing Yoga for the last 4 years and completed my Teacher's Training Course in the summer of 2019 from Sivananda Meenakshi Ashram in Madurai, India. I took classes for YogiSoc last year and thoroughly enjoyed it! Yoga is a way of life and I hope to give back to the student community by helping each student feel stronger, energised, confident, and relaxed after each session."

Hatha Yoga



Laurence started practicing yoga almost eight years ago, as her mother and godmother were starting their journey and introduced her to the mental and physical benefits of regular yoga practice. Her main practice has been Ashtanga for the past three years, and she is excited to share this with the students both on and off the mat as a teacher and this year’s YogiSoc president. She completed her 200hr training at Aegialis School of  Yoga on Amorgos, Greece in June of this year and is incredibly grateful to be able to share her passion at the University of St Andrews




Hello! My name is Pen.  Yoga and meditation have been a big part of my life for almost a decade. I love how the simple act of connecting with our breath and moving our body mindfully can build strength, improve flexibility, and help us feel well in body and in mind.  I look forward to sharing my practice with you.

Fun facts: I swim in a local sea pool every Sunday morning all year round - in the sun, wind, rain and snow!

I have three cats (Alfie, Wilbs and Big Puss) who spend a lot of time in my yoga studio sleeping on the bolsters and blankets and interrupting my Zoom classes with their general cuteness (and occasionally their snoring).




Emma began practicing yoga during her undergraduate degree. She attended an ashtanga class not really knowing what it was but was instantly hooked! She loves the structure and repetitive element of the style as she can switch off from distracting thoughts and just move her body in tune with her breath. She still enjoys practicing and teaching ashtanga but also finds a lot of fun in the creativity of vinyasa too. 
Alongside teaching yoga she’ll be working as a Research Assistant at the university's Sea Mammal Research Unit having completed a master's degree in the department last year.
Emma’s favorite yoga pose is a supine spinal twist which is perfect after a long day sat at the desk!

Vinyasa and Ashtanga



Hey! My name's Skye, I am super excited to teach some Hatha yoga classes this year. I have been practicing for many years now but only recently got my certification so am very excited to also learn together. I hope to have some beautiful classes during the year where everyone feels welcome, relaxed and safe. A fun fact about me is that I love seaweed foraging and all things trees... so you already know my favorite yoga pose 😉 🌳



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