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introducing our wonderful teachers


Emma Van Peenen is a fourth year from Tucson, AZ. She is a 500 hour trained yoga instructor, having completed her 200 hour training in Amorgos, Greece, with the Aegialis School of Yoga and her 300 hour training in Bali, Indonesia with House of Om. Emma has been a YogiSoc instructor for 3 years, and will be leading intermediate vinyasa this year.

Vinyasa, Power and Hatha



Meet Ari, who teaches an upbeat vinyasa flow for YogiSoc! Ari is a fourth year from North Carolina, studying SD and economics. She completed her 200-hour training in power vinyasa.  Her favourite pose is a headstand and favourite place to practice is on the beach! Ari says “My class consists of a powerful flow with fun music, come check it out soon!! ”




Meet Pen, YogiSoc's yin instructor this year. A fun fact about Pen is that she swims in a local sea pool every Sunday morning all year round! Pen says:

"Yoga and meditation have been a big part of my life for almost a decade. I love how the simple act of connecting with our breath and moving our body mindfully can build strength, improve flexibility, and help us feel well in body and in mind.  I look forward to sharing my practice with you."




Meet Emma L, YogiSoc's Ashtanga teacher this year. Emma began practicing yoga during her undergraduate degree. She attended an ashtanga class not really knowing what it was but was instantly hooked! She loves the structure and repetitive element of the style as she can switch off from distracting thoughts and just move her body in tune with her breath. She still enjoys practicing and teaching ashtanga but also finds a lot of fun in the creativity of vinyasa too. 
Emma’s favorite yoga pose is a supine spinal twist which is perfect after a long day sat at the desk!

Vinyasa and Ashtanga



Meet our beginner's hatha teacher, Skye. Skye has been a YogiSoc teacher for 2 years, having received her yoga teacher certification in Spain in 2022. She hopes to hold some beautiful classes during the year, and wants students to feel welcome, safe and relaxed in her classes. Sky says "A fun fact about me is that I love seaweed foraging and all things trees... so you already know my favorite yoga pose!"

Beginners Hatha



Meet Chloe! She's a 4th year from California studying Econ & Psych. She completed her yoga teacher training this summer in Bali, which was a profound and life changing experience. She hopes that through her classes for Yogisoc she can share some pieces of her yoga journey that have helped her find peace and clarity over the years. Chloe says: "I can’t wait to keep flowing with you all this year!"

Power Yoga

Chloe Rosler


Meet Delilah! Her favourite thing about yoga is how anyone in the world with a body, breath, and open mind can access and benefit from practice. In particular, she loves to work the hands and feet with her favourite pose being Screaming Toe (sounds scary but is a beautiful stretch!) Delilah sees her role as a yoga guide rather than a teacher, and so she offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with different postures and flows to make her class more personalised - this is great for beginners or more seasoned yogis, everyone is welcome!

Gentle Flow

Delilah Pearson


Katherine has been practicing yoga for about 10 years. She began doing yoga as a supplement to her competitive dance training, but quickly fell in love with the mental and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice, and especially the way yoga integrates the mind and body. She primarily practices ashtanga and mysore, a traditional 6-day a week practice consisting of a set sequence of asanas designed to prepare the body for meditation. She enjoys teaching a variety of classes including ashtanga and vinyasa to people of all different levels and abilities. Katherine is completing her PhD in philosophy and enjoys writing fiction, both of which integrate nicely with her yoga practice and teaching.

Beginners Vinyasa

Kathrine Crone


Meet Otilia! Otilia is from Denmark and a third year International Relations student here in St Andrews. She has been teaching Hatha yoga for 3 years and is now on her journey to become a Meditation teacher. She is very passionate about the ancient teachings of yoga as well as how the natural cycle of the year can support us in our practice. Otilia says: "Can’t wait to meet and see you on the mat xx"


Otilia Meden


Kirstin's yoga journey began as a teen when her Mum would take me along to classes. Since then her love for the practice has only evolved and grown. Originally trained in Vinyasa yoga with Mudra Yoga, she has since expanded her teachings to include Yin, Restorative, Mandala and Pre & Post Natal yoga. She's undertaken over 400 hours of training with some wonderfully knowledgeable teachers including Helen Gillespie, Alice Gray, Demelza Feltham, Dulce Aguilar, Sally Parkes and Celest Pereira. She hopes that in teaching practice she can foster a nurturing and safe environment that embodies inclusivity and allows the individual to break down their own barriers!

Restorative Yoga

Kirstin Dunn-Meighan

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